A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The planet is protected by the ICOsahedron. Evil broke it into 20 pieces and scattered it all over the planet. Your task is to collect all 20 pieces and restore the ICOsahedron. Only after restoring it, can you rid the land of evil.

This is a pretty simple game made for the GBJAM 5 (LINK). Performance and optimization was thrown out the window due to the limited timeframe for the project.

Heavily influenced from games like Zelda that I used to play on the GB.

I wasn't able to get the visuals where I wanted them to be. If I find time after, or if there will be an interest, I'll improve it greatly.

Goes without saying that there may be bugs, since this was made in 10 days.


--- Move with Arrow Keys or WASD

--- Jump with Spacebar

-- Attack with C, Command, or Control

Color palette is -- Old skool

Install instructions

Unzip to desired location. Click the icon and play.

If links don't work, use these:

Mac - https://three.vitto.io/ICO_Mac.zip

Windows - https://three.vitto.io/ICO_Windows.zip

Linux - https://three.vitto.io/ICO_Linux.zip


Mac OS
Windows OS
Linux OS

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